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What is the IP address for the server?

Discussion in 'Survival Games Discussions' started by americanAZN, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys just joined cuz a bunch of friends and myself have decided to re-enter the world of minecraft, and decided to start it all off with a good game of survival games. Now, I saw a server in many youtubers video where you can choose sub servers and do these automated survival games. What im trying to figure out is what the IP address is? Anyone wanna help?
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  2. Google Administrator

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  4. Here are some examples of the server ip's.

    us1.mcsg.in (US)
    eu1.mcsg.in (EU)
    au1.mcsg.in (AU)
    as1.mcsg.in (AS)

    Now no there isn't only one server but there are much more found here. Click the link = http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/servers
  5. Can someone give me the ip for the hub server ?
  6. Just type /hub while you're in a game.
  7. Yeah I knew that but im just too lazy :p
  8. or just use us.mcgamer.net
  9. Ummm... Please don't necro old threads.
  10. Necro post. Thread locked.
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